Chris Schmid
Award-winning photographer, Chris searches to give a certain emotion to the viewer while remaining simple, sharing his experiences and emotions through images. His films and photographs are an invitation to discover the world.
Carolina Schmid
Sound & Film
Carolina’s passion for wildlife runs deep , as a qualified vet and an expert in African animal behaviour, she records the magical sounds of the bush to accompany the footage she and Chris share capturing.

Eyemage Films is an independent production company founded in 2015, by award winning photographer Chris Schmid and his wife Carolina. Their mission is to promote and raise awareness around wildlife and nature conservation.

Chris, CEO of the company, is also a Sony Global Imaging Ambassador and WildAid contributor. He and Carolina, aim to highlight issues around conservation and the protection of wildlife through engaging and educational content.

Chris is also an award winning photographer and his work widely acclaimed in the industry. He is the recipient of multiple awards from including International Photography Awards IPA. More information about Chris’ work can be found here.